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Location: Great Bend
Range: $500k – $2 Mil
Investor Type: Angel
Accredited: Yes

I am interested in growing companies requiring expertise (business development opportunity), equity and debt. Also existing businesses requiring restructure/new equity/new debt funding. I have more than 20 years experience in financial markets advising high net worth investors on their investments. In addition, 3 years as a CPA in taxation.

Funding Types:
Equity Funding (VC, Angel, PE) Loan/Lease Funding Commercial Mortgage/Lease Equipment Financing Business Acquisition/Franchise Funding Debt Consolidation Operational/Growth Funding Secured Loan Unsecured Loan

Finance Investing Healthcare Automotive Construction Engineering Insurance Manufacturing Real Estate Food Service/Restaurant Retail/Clothing Transportation Hardware Bio-Technology Pharmaceuticals Entertainment Banking Venture Capital Apparel Wholesale Energy Textiles Agriculture

Investment Regions:

Aruba Afghanistan Anguilla Albania Andorra United Arab Emirates Argentina Armenia Antigua and Barbuda Australia Austria Azerbaijan Azores Belgium Bangladesh Bulgaria Bahamas Bosnia and Herzegovinia Belarus Belize Bermuda Bolivia Brazil Barbados Bhutan Canada Cape Colony Switzerland Channel Islands Chile China Cameroon Colombia Cape Verde Costa Rica Czechoslovakia Cuba Cayman Islands Cyprus Czech Republic Germany Dominica Denmark Dominican Republic Algeria Ecuador Egypt England Spain Estonia Ethopia Finland Fiji Falkland Islands France Gibraltar Greece Grenada Greenland French Guiana Guatemala Hong Kong Honduras Holland Croatia Haiti Hungary Indonesia India Ireland Iran Iraq Iceland Israel Italy Jamaica Jordan Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgystan Cambodia Kuwait Laos Lebanon Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Latvia Moldava Mexico Macedonia Mali Malta Burma/Myanmar Malaysia Nicaragua Northern Ireland Netherlands Norway Nepal New Zealand Pakistan Panama Peru Philippines Poland South Korea Portugal Paraguay Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Scotland Serbia Singapore Sicily El Salvador Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Thailand East Timor Turkey Taiwan United Kingdom Ukraine Uruguay United States Venezuela Wales South Africa

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