Strategic Mergers AG

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Location: Washington
Range: $5 Mil – Above $10 Mil
Investor Type: Investment Banker
Accredited: Yes

The following programs are effective January 1, 2012.

1) Alternative/Renewable Energy Programs: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Waste to Energy & Biomass. These are structured primarily as debt and/or equity.

2) Real Estate/Industry Development: Large Scale Agriculture, Mixed Used Development, Factory, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Commercial Buildings, Cinemas, Hotel, Assisted Living Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Infrastructure (Bridges, Dams, Toll roads, Utilities, Airports, Sea Ports etc). Projects with Government or Public sector elements are welcomed.

3) Acquisition of an Existing Business: Purchase of existing businesses with products, services and/or real estate factor. (No paper companies please!).

4) Mature Start-Up on case by case basis must have contract or letter of interest to purchase your products & or services in place. Preference will be given to companies with verifiable demand for their product and services. Preference for Innovative Technologies in the following industries: Education, Web, Internet, Electronic Devices, Medical Devices, Software Applications, Telecoms, Cloud-Computing, Data Management & Defense.

5) Bridge Financing for Commodities & Trade Available ($10M Minimum): For verified orders and certified origin. International trades require SGS certification & applicable insurance.

The above programs require minimum Debt-Service-Coverage Ratio’s of 1.4 or better. All projects must have a completed Business/Executive Summary, Profit & Loss Statements/Proformas ready for review. Proponents must have verifiable past performance and/or experience in their respective industries. Projects are funded as debt and/or equity solutions. Preference given to projects with verifiable equity and capital (10-25%) of cost.

Programs are available for US, Canada & Selects International Markets (We will not fund in conflict areas).

Principals Preferred. Brokers welcomed on a case by case basis.

Funding Types:

Equity Funding (VC, Angel, PE) Loan/Lease Funding Commercial Mortgage/Lease Equipment Financing Alternative/Creative Finance Business Acquisition/Franchise Funding Debt Consolidation Operational/Growth Funding Secured Loan Unsecured Loan


Technology/Web Investing Healthcare Automotive Construction Consulting Education Engineering Hospitality Human Resources Manufacturing Software Telecommunications Nanotechnology Staffing/Recruiting Bio-Technology Pharmaceuticals Entertainment Design Banking Venture Capital Apparel Invention Energy Textiles Agriculture

Investment Regions:

Aruba United Arab Emirates Argentina Antigua and Barbuda Australia Austria Belgium Bangladesh Bulgaria Bahamas Belarus Belize Bermuda Bolivia Brazil Barbados Bhutan Canada Cape Colony Switzerland Channel Islands Chile China Colombia Cape Verde Costa Rica Czechoslovakia Cuba Cayman Islands Cyprus Czech Republic Germany Dominica Denmark Dominican Republic Algeria Ecuador England Spain Finland Fiji Falkland Islands France Gibraltar Greece Grenada Greenland French Guiana Guatemala Hong Kong Honduras Holland Hungary Indonesia India Ireland Iceland Israel Italy Jamaica Jordan Japan Cambodia Kuwait Laos Lebanon Liechtenstein Luxembourg Mexico Malta Burma/Myanmar Malaysia Nicaragua Northern Ireland Netherlands Norway Nepal New Zealand Pakistan Panama Peru Philippines Poland South Korea Portugal Paraguay Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Scotland Singapore Sicily El Salvador Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Thailand East Timor Turkey Taiwan United Kingdom Uruguay United States Venezuela Wales Yugoslavia South Africa

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