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Location: Fredericksburg
Range: Below $10k – $500k
Investor Type: Angel
Accredited: Yes

Due to the volume of emails, most of which don’t apply or are poorly conceived, we only answers email that interest us from this site. (In other words, others have ruined it for the good guys out there, sorry but honesty is a key for us).

We look for well formed ideas that are worth investing in with a clear ROI with at least a minimally tested sales model. Ideas that don’t present a business case that shows a clear return will not be read in detail, generate a response from us, or be considered. You should state what you want (in funding) for what you’re offering (in equity or payments) for it up front. The multiples on what you’re seeking should be reasonable (2x earned revenue, 5x actual earnings or a GOOD reason its not) based on business arguments and not belief. Requests/emails that don’t meet this criteria won’t go far.

If you DO meet that criteria, you’ll probably hear from us and if there’s real results and proof of performance we will probably fund you.

Funding Types:
Equity Funding (VC, Angel, PE)


Investment Regions:
United States

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